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Okay guys,

We are on the 4th day of October and the budget is well and truly working. I feel like I have much more money even though the amount is the same. Every bill has now been paid, every debt has now been paid and I have plenty of food to last me through the month.

To be completely honest, it feels amazing.


Debt Free

Okay…when I say debt I actually mean a few family members that I owe money to. Anyway, When I get paid at the end of the month, I will officially be debt free! The only issue is I’ll have nothing to spend on myself until I get paid but at least everything will be paid. I’m looking forward to October and I’ve got a feeling that next year is going to be a good year for me, I’m determined to make it happen.


Okay guys….it’s 02:03 am and I’m super excited about the amount of viewers and followers which I have gained today. Eek. Thank you guys so much!

Life Update

Hello my lovelys xo

This week has kind of been fast paced and painful. Starting from the beginning….Monday I woke up late and was therefore late for work. I’ve had this stupid headache for a week today and its not seeming to get any easier. I’ve only been drinking water mainly, except for Costa which my boss ever so nicely buys. Such a spoiled and lucky lady.

On the positivies, I feel like I have done exceptionally well with work. However, even as I write this, I can think of a few things that I’ve not done but should have but I’ll quickly write a list and get them done first thing Monday morning.

With coursework, I am completely up to date, apart from a few pieces that I keep asking for help with but am still struggling with. Also I need a few pieces counter signed by my boss but its been a really busy week and we’ve not had time to do it yet. Otherwise, everything is done and completed and I am so proud of myself for getting it done. I’m still in the process of adding more complex pieces just to insure my grade.

I’ve still been going through the decision of university and I haven’t a clue what I would like to do but for now I am going to save up for it just in case I decide I want to a bit later on.

Clearly, my main goal for next week is to focus on saving money for my future and that is already proving a little difficult. I feel so skint and yet I know I have cash in my safe. (Yes I have a safe because my dad left it here when he moved and I have claimed it). It’s going to be tough next month but I know I can do it.

So then, on the bright side. Its 20:53 on a Saturday and I’m laid in bed watching 50210 on Netflix in my onsie. I still have a bit of a headache but its getting easier
Speak soon my lovelys xox

Late Night Thoughts

Okay guys,

Just recently, come about 12:00am, I’ll start getting tons of random thoughts. These are the kind of thoughts that mean absolutely nothing but will keep you up for hours? Because of this, I’ve been waking up late and being late for work. This is extremely frustrating because, if the situation was different, I would have clearly lost my job by now. I am a very lucky lady to still have it but it wouldn’t surprise me if it gets mentioned in my annual review.

In the past, this has always happened. I’ve always been one for insomnia and being unable to sleep at night or wake up in the morning. I’ve been to the doctors a thousand times and each time it’s been put down to ‘teenager’ problems, so nothing has really been done for it. I think though, that I can personally help myself to sort it out. I’ve also always been one for energy drinks, in fact I used to only drink energy drinks.

It’s time to put a stop to it.

I say that, but I actually had the same issue this morning. I’m such a disappointment to myself.


I turn 18 in a few months (EEEK!) and I will ‘officially’ be recognised as an ‘adult’. It’s time to start acting like an adult. Along side proper organisation of my finances (I’ve always paid rent and looked after my own money, including buying my own food and such) and diet (which basically means remembering to eat!) I have planned to sort out this terrible sleeping pattern that I currently am cursed with.

My plan is to completely cut out energy drinks (I would never cut coffee out of my diet but I don’t drink it at night) as well as doing high energy things towards bed time (11:00pm because I get up for work (supposed to anyway) about 7:30am and get picked up at 9:00am). I’m hoping that getting a decent 8 hours sleep or so will encourage my body clock to reset itself and get back into a routine.

I’m also thinking of not having showers and baths late at night because they always seem to wake me up rather than settle me down. I can see a lot of milky drinks before bed coming up as well! (Always good for relaxing) but I shall see how that one goes due to the high milk content and milk makes me feel ‘sicky’ sometimes.

Another point that I would like to make is that I don’t actually know why its only ever late at night that I start to properly think about things but, from what I’ve seen from other people, it’s not just me that it happens to. Do you have any ideas how I can get back into routine? Have this happened to you? Comment below and help me out guys!

Speak soon my lovelys xo

My Budget Plan

Hey guys!

This weekend has mostly been spent lounging around and doing plenty of research for next months budgeting scheme. Through extensive use of the internet, I have created a way in which I plan to document what I spend each month and how much I could save. I have actually used someone else’s method however, I have adapted it for my own uses so that it is not identical. I would tag them but I honestly can’t remember whose blog I saw it on. So if it looks familiar, please feel free to link the blogger’s website in the comments so that others can look at whose idea this was initially.

First things first

I, as mentioned previously, am planning on using the envelope system. Each envelope has now been equipped with paperwork in order for me to track what goes in and out of that paper work. This paperwork works for both weekly and monthly spendings, after a few edits of course. It is rather simple to understand. I will include both of them so that if you feel you could use them and adapt them to your needs, you can.

Tracking Monthly Expenses

Tracking Weekly Expenses

Another thing

I also have set up a folder in which I plan to keep all of my paperwork documents in. I hope that this will help me to understand where my money goes each month and where I can improve and make changes. This folder will be split up into months, along side a printed excel document, which will track every penny down to 0, so that I can use it extensively. Each month will have a start and end page, and include a page for all of my food shopping for that month. Again, I have included these for you.

Food expenses

Envelope Tracking for Month Of

Another thing that I have also chosen to include in this folder, poor thing will be full by Christmas, is a weekly food tracker. I have never been good at remembering to eat (especially breakfast) and I hope that by tracking it, I will be more encouraged to eat regularly as well as be able to see what types of foods I will need to buy in when I next go food shopping.

Also, because this budgeting system has been put in place to help me start saving, I have made a front page for my folder which clearly shows me what my savings goals are. This will help me to constantly remind myself why I am doing it and what I want out of it.

Financial Goals

Its always good to look back!

The final thing (so far) that I have planned to put into this folder is a monthly overview. No matter what you are doing, it is always important to give yourself a reality check. Praise yourself. That way, you can become more encouraged to keep going.

Monthly Check In

The reason behind the madness.

You are probably wondering why a 17 year old would want to start a budget? Well I care for my future, and if possible, I would like to look at going into uni. When I do go to uni money will be tight so I think it would be a good idea to start getting into the habit of budgeting now when I can afford to make mistakes. It will also help me when I finally move out and get my own place. Its never to early to start managing your own money because one day, you will wish you had started sooner.

Please feel free to download and adapt these to use for yourselves and of course, if you have an suggestions for me, please leave me a comment below. I am always looking for other peoples methods.

Talk soon my lovelys xo

Where does your inspiration come from?

Before I start babbling on about what inspires me, I must first define what inspiration is. Ask yourself, “what is the definition of inspiration?”, what does it mean?

“Something that makes someone want to do something or that gives someone an idea about what to do or create; a force or influence that inspires one” – (Source)

What am I inspired to do right now?
This months biggest inspiration or goal is to start saving money or ‘investing in my future’ if you like.

Currently being 17 years old, my future does seem a little bit far away yet and I should probably be ‘living in the moment’ however, I am not that type of girl. I’ve always though ahead and worried about what will happen in times to come. It’s only recently that I decided to stop worrying and start doing. If you read this post and remember anything, that is what I want you to remember. Stop worrying, start doing.

What inspired me to do this?

You know when your out an about and you see a realllllyyyy fancy house that sort of screams ‘I’m rich’.

That is exactly what has inspired me to start saving up for my future. Working in Logistics, quite often I will get to go out with the drivers and I get to see all sorts of places. As a kid, I never really travelled anywhere, in fact it was only earlier this year that I went abroad for the first time. Before now I had only ever seen the typical council houses and because I come from a ‘tight with money’ background, I never really imagined that I could actually have these types of things when I’m older. But then I thought, If you want something you have to work for it.

What steps have I taken?

Because I am currently only an apprentice on an apprenticeship wage, I don’t have thousands coming into my bank account each month. I know, obviously, this will change on day but I feel like the sooner I start saving, the more money I will have.


So far I have worked out a monthly budget for all of my expenses and I have worked out how to get that down to a minimal. As it works out, I actually have some ‘free money’ left once everything is paid for. Now all I have to do is stick to the budget. (I will keep you updated along the way!)

The Envelope System

I have been reading up on the envelope system quite alot lately and i think it is a useful method for organising and categorising your money. The envelope system works by putting a set amount into each envelop for each category and then only spending what you have in that envelope for that category. When the envelope is empty, you have to stop spending money in that category. I plan to use this method extensively and then whatever is left in the envelopes at the end of the month will go into my savings.

Spare Change Sorting

I will quite regularly have a few coins here and there left at the end of the month. I have no decided to split these up into each value and put them into jars. When a particular value reaches £100 I will put it into the bank and split it between my 4 savings goals. I will do the same with any money I have left in my main bank account when I next get paid. It all adds up in the end.

Spare money or gift money

In October, my wage will increase to £3.30 an hour due to governmental changes. I already know that I can live without this money, therefore I have already decided that I will take the difference between the new amount and what I currently get paid and put it into a separate bank account. Furthermore, because my birthday and Christmas are coming up and my family normally gives me money, I will be adding this to this account instead of impulse buying.

Other points I would like to make

I currently have 4 particular savings goals, however these may change over time.

Occasionally, I do plan to treat myself because you should always reward yourself. I know this may be hard at first and I am bound to overspend but I will not dwell on this, I will simply aim higher and work harder to accomplish my goals.

So then, what do you think? Do you have any particular savings goals? Do you have any methods you could recommend? Get in touch with me! Feel free to comment below because i’d love to hear from you all.

Speak soon my lovelys xo

Life Update

I think I can safely say that my life is just swings and roundabouts at the minute.

I have improved significantly with waking up on time for work (4/5 days) in fact, only 3 of them days I was awake before 8am and one of them I was awake before 7am! However I am still struggling with getting to sleep at night but at the end of the day (no pun intended) it’s going to take a while for my body to get used to this system.

In other news, I have actually deleted al but 2 of my social media accounts. Facebook I keep to talk to family and things since when I have a total of 88 friends, pathetic really and even then I barely talk to any of them.

My mood swings are starting to calm but that whole ‘making sure I eat’ has gone out of the window. Hopefully, starting next month when my structure comes into place, it will all drastically improve!

The anticipated wait

October is going to be the financial month for me. I am determined to make it happen….


I have always been impatient and the rest of this month spent waiting for it to come is going to destroy me. I suppose for the next few weeks I’m just going to have to keep improving my organisation and get myself ready for the start of that all important month.

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